My Trip To Oz And Back:

A True "Retrospective" Story Of My Relationship With A Person With BPD

Since this thing is so long (approximately 50 single-spaced typed pages), I've split it into a number of smaller segments--index below.

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A.  When We First Met
B.  The Difficulties Begin
C.  The Difficulties Continue
D.  How I Felt
E.  More Issues--Concerning Your Behavior Towards Me
F.  More Issues--Concerning Your Behavior Towards Others
G.  How I Felt, Continued
H. Chris Begins To See The Light
I.  The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
J.  The Beginning of The End
K. Post-California: The Final Straws
L.  The Major Issues (As I See Them)
     1.  Our Different Family Backgrounds
     2.  Anger
     3.  Self-Esteem
     4.  Intimacy and Trust
     5.  Victimhood
     6.  Control/Power
     7.  Responsibility and Rescue
M.  What About Mary?
N.  How I Felt, Continued
O.  Summary
P.  Your Responses/Retorts
Q.  Some Final Thoughts
R.  About This Letter Itself
S.  Conclusion--Life Goes On

Epilogue and Links



Chris:  Author of letter, formerly involved with Terry
Terry:  Recipient of letter, a woman with borderline personality disorder
Sandy:  Terry's ex-lover
Mary:  Chris and Terrys' couples counselor
Alan:  Chris' therapist
Ellen:  Terry's sister
Garry:  Terry's brother